One of my Australorps is a rooster?!? I need to prepare!


10 Years
Apr 28, 2009
I was talking on the phone to my dad this morning and sitting in my backyard with the chickens when my big black Australorp comes over and goes "Ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ooooo!!!!"

My dad goes silent, and goes, "Was that a rooster?" and starts laughing. The rooster proceeded to do it twice more. All the chickens stopped and stared at him. lol

I noticed this "hen" was always being very "friendly" by coming right over to me and had much more pronounced comb and wattles. Whoops.

Then I decided to test by sticking my finger through the fencing. Ow. Yeah. It's a rooster.

I live literally in the center of the city...poultry has no restrictions here as long as they are fenced in. Is it possible for my baby rooster to co-exist with my neighbors? Is the crowing going to become a 4am ordeal like I've heard people say? So far it's been silent except for crowing those three times when I was there.
I dont own an Australorp, but i will tell you that my rooster crows throughout the day. he is locked in the coop at night so if he crows no one can hear him. i let them out at about 7am...i have heard mine crow in the coop before but it is quite a bit more muffled than when they r out roaming.

The few roosters ive owned have been all day crowers.

i wish i had better news for you.
Cities are busy and noisy during the day...they can deal with a roo. It's not any different than dogs barking, loud motorcycles, booming car radios, traffic, etc. At night, however, you can either bring him inside or lock the chickens in the coop, so that when he does crow overnight, he won't wake anyone. We aren't in a "city" really, but we do live in a development of 1/2 acre lots with neighbors all around. People have roos all around and I have never heard one before 5:30 am...I am guessing it is because they lock theirs up at night (and I am deep sleeper, though DH is not and he hasn't heard them either). We have three cockerels that we intend to lock up at night when they start getting louder as well. Good luck!
My asil rooster only crows when the back porch light goes on in the morning and I feed him and he doesn't crow again til the next morning but i have had roosters crow all day lol So good luck
I just crawled in the temporary fenced coop with them...he checks me out but he is afraid. haha

My neighbors are tolerant of my 4 dogs but I have new people in the "rental" on the left. They've gotten a bit pissypants in the past (I hope that is not considered profane) because my dogs won't take to them and they went and got stray cats, which my dogs keep off of my property. I think the stray cats are enough justification for me to keep the roo around.

Will he breed with only the female Australorp, or will he also take to my RI Red, NH Red, Buff Orpington, Barred Rock, and EE? Is there anything "wrong" with interbreeding them or creating hybrids?
What i have learned is that roosters will crow whenever they feel like. Some more than others. There really is not a for sure certin time that they will crow. They usually do not crow in the middle of the night but i have heard stories that some do. 1 of my rooster crows at around 5:30 am and continues until around 7:00 off and on. He is then pretty quiet until around 2:00 - 3:00pm. Then crows a little more. My other little roo is still really young and he crows only seldom.
If you have no restrictions on live poultry where you live, i would keep him and see how it goes. he may hardly ever crow or he may crow alot. Find out how your neighbors feel about it if you like. Roosters can be fun to have around esspecially if they are sweet. They are also great to have if you want to experiment with some hatching eggs. Good luck. I love Australorps. I have just 1 now, a 4 month old hen. i just love her. She walks around making duck like noises.

Take care!
I have 4 m/o too...she is just the sweetest thing. She resembles a vulture with the white face mask and the black black eyes...I call her Elvira
I also call her "big puffy black cloud." I love to bury my face in those sweet feathers and love her up to bits
Oh she sounds wonderful. Australorps are really soft. My Australorp is the most soft out of all my hens. I too get the urge to rub my cheek againts her feathers.

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