one of my chickens it bleeding click for more info


8 Years
Dec 29, 2011
So Red one of my chickens it getting a tail she had lost it over the summer for some reason and well she is bleeding it's hard to look at and because she has new feathers coming up but then it's bleeding too
Do you have any baking powders? I would give it a good rinse with warm water so you can see where the blood is coming from. If its bleeding really bad try some baking powders not baking soda if you dont have that then try some plain flour in a pinch sprinkle it on and take an old towel and apply some light pressure for about 10 to 15 mins to get it stopped.
I have one small problem you see the chickens are not at my house they are on my school campus (but they are still mine) anyway i can't bring them inside so no warm water
and I would be afraid if I brought some outside she would get really really cold from warm water than cold air
You may want to try to get a hen apron to cover that. When the bleeding has stopped, applying blue kote over it will deter picking too, but covering it with an apron would really help the most if you can't confine her separately. Even a dog crate with food and water in it, where the others can see her but not hurt her would give it a good chance to heal.
Also I have sat out there and watched then I don't think they really did it but I might be wrong I have a few breeds mixed together huge ones and little ones she is one of the middle size ones the huge ones are going next week
Well is she still bleeding really bad? If she is you need to first stop the bleeding. Then you need to put some Blukote on to keep out bacteria and so it wont get picked at any more. Is she by herself or with other chickens? If she is with other chickens then they might continue to pick her feathers and peck her possible to death. Chickens go crazy when they see blood. She needs to be separated from the other hens. She needs to be insight of the other chickens but in a cage or something where they can not peck her any more. If you have problems since they are at the school you should probably contact someone like the principal and explain the situation and maybe they could help you fix the situation.
My school is a little different so I don't really have anyone who can help me with that part she is with other chickens and I think i can find something to seperate her so that doesn't happen i don't have a huge coop so it might take a little bit of work and the bleeding is not really to bad but it looks really painfull
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Do you have anything that you could put on the wound like the blukote or regular neosporin? A dog crate would be good a little messy but effective. Make sure she has plenty to drink and eat. I would use the neosporin for a few days and then let it scab on its own and keep her separate until the scab is gone or the other chickens will pick it and you will be back in the same situation.
Thanks! I seem to have figured it out the one thing I didn't really say because I didn't thinkabout it was the other chickens can't really see it it's like there are soem feathers covering. It isn't bleeding anymore thank god!! she seems like it still hurts a little bit but it seems to be working out I put melegel on it you may not know what that is lot's of people don't its pretty much just like neosporin but has tea tree oil in it so anyway i put that on her

Thankyou for the help!!

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