One of my chicks is TERRIFIED of me.


6 Years
Mar 16, 2014
Yesterday morning I got 2 Gold Laced Brahma chicks that are almost 4 weeks old and 3 3-day old chicks. They are in separate containers. The Brahmas were free because the mama who hatched them didn't know if they were roos or not, so we're assuming at least one of them, if not both are. They both have seriously distinct personalities, one is totally chill and just kind of snuggles up under the other, and is super quiet. The other, slightly larger one is a little crazy. It runs around and makes lots of noise, and whenever I come near the box it runs away and tries to fly and get away from me. How old is too old to get them used to loving on them? They don't all have to love me, right? I'm handling the babies as much as I can in the hopes of making them a bit calmer. When I try to handle the bigger one, it totally wigs out and acts terrified. I have only tried a couple of times, since I've been hoping it would calm down a bit after getting used to it's new surroundings. Suggestions? Should I just leave it be and have a bird that hates me?
Hi there! I would say that you should stop holding her and just talk to her in a soothing and calming voice. After doing that for a couple days start gently holding her while still talking in that same tone. You can also try hand feeding while talking and petting her while she is in the brooder. Always be gentile, calm, relaxed, patient and quiet.

Good luck!!:)

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