One of my does just became a Grandma!


12 Years
Sep 4, 2007
I got word from a friend of mine that one of her does just had an adorable doeling! Her dad is out of my doe Tyny Swiss Miss. Thought I would share her w/ all of you here! Super flashy, no idea where all that white came from!



I think it looks like she's wearing black lipstick!

These pics are where taken w/ a camera phone, she said she'd take better ones for me later, and of course I will have to share them w/ you all!

This little girl and all her herd mates are for sale unfortunately do to the owners moving (husband got a new job and they couldn't find a place where they could keep them), I will put the ad in the for sale section, but I just wanted to show off pics of this little cutie here! I feel like a proud Grandma!
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She is a nigerian dwarf, and she's located in Arkansas. I think she's adorable, I was really suprised by how flashy she is! I can't wait to get more pics of her! Feels like she's one of mine, and most likely I'll never actually get to see her in person! (unless I break down and buy her and her mom).

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