One of my dogs attacked my hen. What can I do to help her?


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Oct 1, 2009
One of my dogs attacked my young hen last night. I went out to check on her this morning and she wouldn't get off her perch to go outside with her parents like she usually does in the mornings. She is fully feathered but isn't full grown yet. I picked her up and brought her in the house. She has a hole about the size of a dime in her back and a lot of her skin around the wound if loose from her body. She favors her leg also but it doesn't have any bite marks or wounds on it. I soaked her wound and cleaned all the stuck on loose feathers and dirt from it. I also rinsed the wound out with a saline flush and betodine solution. I put a triple antibiotic on her (one without pain killers) and she is now back in her in-closer in the house. She eats good but doesn't want to drink much. I also added chicken antibiotics to her water so when she does drink she'll get some in her system.

Do I need to wrap her wound for it to heal or do I just need to continue cleaning it and put ointment on it every day? I have been reading posts from this site all day and have seen pictures of much worse attacks. I love her and want to do everything I can to help her to heal and return to her parents as soon as possible. Her parents spent most of the day walking around calling for her. I just want to do everything I can to help her and will be devastated if I loose her.

Please help! I need advice. THANKS!!
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I don't have any advice but I am so sorry! I just lost one of my girls to my dog.
Hopefully someone will come along soon w/great advice.
It sounds like you've done all of the important initial stuff really well.

A couple things: it's probably a good idea to see if some of the feathers around the area need to be actually trimmed back to keep them off of the wound. Check the wound several times a day, if you can, and take note of the smell. Clean it every day.

And as to antibiotic. I believe that the kind you would put in her water is ineffective for wounds. Injectable penicilin is recommended, which can probably be purchased at your feed store for around $10.

I would feed her some scrambled eggs now and then to help her keep plenty of strength for the healing process, and keep us posted.

The major concerns are, of course, infection or maggots. Keep checking for both, and if you don't find them, AWESOME!

As to the leg, have you checked it over to feel for breaks? Hopefully it's just a little sore, but i would definitely check.

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Thanks for the information and help! I made her a scrambled egg and she loved it. I have felt her leg and it doesn't feel broken. I think she is probably sore from the puncture wound. I trimmed more feathers from her wound area and cleaned her up again this morning. She has a good appetite she just doesn't want to drink much. She also lays down a lot but that is understandable from what she went through and the pain she must be in. I'll keep updating her recovery. Thanks again!

If anyone else has any advice to add please let me know. I am so glad I found this forum it has been a big help and everyone seems very sincere and helpful!
Just keep her quiet and warm. It seems you've done everything right. Since she's young, she'll heal so fast you'll be amazed.

I had the same thing happen to a hen except the hole was on the head, and it wasn't our dog, but a stray. She also got to eat miller moths instead of egg, but it changed her attitude!

Now she's the lead chicken.
It's day four now since my young hen was attacked. She just ate another scrambled egg. I cleaned her wounds and added more ointment. The part of her body that was skinned looks like it is starting to heal but the puncture wound doesn't appear to be getting any better yet. She seems very alert. She'll eat some scratch every now and then. She still lays down a lot but when she is up she stretches her sore leg and curls her toes closed and open. I hope she is just moving her leg and toes to keep the blood pumping through them. I still have her inside the house so I can check her throughout the day. I am going to go try to find meal worms or some crickets she can eat so she has more to look forward to than just the egg.

Thanks again for the help! She is such a sweet little girl :)
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