One of my EE's started laying yesterday......

Maggies Pop

10 Years
Sep 23, 2009
Middletown (No CAL)
We have 6 girls, 2 EE's, 2 RIR and 2 BR's that are of "laying age". 4 are now laying. We have been anxioius and excited about our EE's laying so we could get a blue or green egg. Waiting patiently. One started to lay yesterday and what did she give us? Another BROWN egg! LOL We are hoping that our other EE will give us a colored egg when she starts laying! I think I was more disappointed than my 5 year old!! LOL
My EE laid her first egg yesterday! She's 23 weeks old this week. I am SO thrilled!

This is the first egg from chickens *I* raised from 2-day old chicks. Isn't it beautiful??


She didn't lay it in a nest box, but she DID lay it "upstairs" in the A-Frame coop. Which is NOT the coop she roosts in.....
That's a very pretty egg! I had two EE's last year and got a beautiful sea-green egg out of the first one, and a brown out of the second. Last week I got two more EE's, and another one yesterday, so I'm hoping for a blue, olive or pink egg this time. Good luck with that second EE!
where did you get your EE's I got mine from Mt. Healthy hatchery and they all lay pretty greenish or bluish eggs. I hope too that you get a colorful one. Gloria Jean
Well, she must have heard me complaining and decided to not give me an egg at all today! Thats what I get for complainin'!

gryeyes-nice egg! I am excited too! We got ours as day olds and this has been a great experience! The first egg is always special. I didn't want to crack it open and use it! LOL

crazyhen-we got ours from our local feed store who gets them from Privitt.

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