One of my new chicks has been sneezing a lot!


10 Years
Feb 2, 2009
She is a bout 2 weeks old (cornish rock) and has started sneezing... she acts, eats and drinks fine... none of the other chicks have shown any sign of it.... what should i do?
I have a BSL hen that is the EXACT same way. the other babies (they are 5 days old) are completely fine, just this one keeps sneezing alot. didnt have this in my last hatch....any suggestions???
Somebody here HAS to know what it up with this sneezing issue!!
I don't know about chicks that age, but my pullet (about 6 mos) was sneezing and it just got worse - to the point she was blowing bubbles out her EYES! We ended up putting antibiotics in their water and it resolved.

However, now she's sneezing again (!!) and it's only been a little over a week, so I'm worried I didn't do it long enough and may need to do another course (which I hate to do - so hard on the guts...) We've also been adding immunocharge to the water since the antibiotics, which is supposed to strengthen them plus it has probiotics in it.

Anyone who might decide to read this thread, I'd love commentary on the reoccurance of My Olive's sneezing too!

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