One of my pullets died and another is lethargic and dehydrated what to do (other than the obvious g

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    One of my month and a half old barred rock pullets died, seemingly of blood loss (I discovered it not 30 minutes ago and haven't had the heart yet to look) and one of its "sisters" laid by the body and apparently hadn't drank or ate the entire night after. The three barred rocks I have in there were out with the bantams for almost three weeks now and there has been no blood or anything until now. My bantams are almost 4 months ols. Any idea why the barred rock was attacked and why this one is so lethargic?:(
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    Weasels are fond of killing and drinking blood. They are fond of killing far more than they could possibly eat. I'm unsure if they are making a cache of food like a fox would or simply enjoy the kill.

    The other bird may be in shock. Birds I've had are a bit more wary after an attack but have read others going into extreme shock even if not outright attacked. Seems a bit odd but I can't discount it even though I've never witnessed it.

    I don't know if you checked the dead bird thoroughly over to determine how it died. Personally I just do a quick once over to see where the wound is then put bird in garbage or woods. But you do need to look over the lethargic bird carefully. Make sure there are no wounds that need to be addressed. I'm a fan of spray on Blu-kote.
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    where do you live?
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    I live in South Carolina
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