One of my speckled Sussex hens is FAT!!


8 Years
Nov 9, 2011
She is the first to flop down off her roost and out the coop door every morning when I let all the chickens out! She has been named the pecker because she is always pecking someone's leg to let them know she is there and wants treats. She is fattttttt! How does this happen to a chicken? I thought they could only eat so much. How the heck did she get so much fatter than her sisters? She absolutely won't leave my side when I'm outside because she thinks im a walking treat.

I could've put this in the rumblings section but I thought it appropriate in the behavior section because her behavior is gluttonous!

Anyone know how to get her to not peck at the freckles on my legs?? Lol:p
she prob pecks at ur leg cuz she thinks theyre treats, or a bug or somthing. My girls are a little chubby too, but all chickens are ment to be round!


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