One of the Dogs is trying to kill me..........


It's All About Chicken Math
12 Years
Apr 29, 2007
Someone keeps trying to GAS me to death
, there are 4 of them laying on the floor around me. They are all laying next to each other and I can't figure out who it is
I really need to figure it out before I go to bed, if it is one of the small dogs, I do not want them laying next to me with their butt pointed towards my head .......
I really would like to wake up in the morning and not pass away in my sleep from Dog Farts
Just keep an eye on their rear ends. I can always tell when Elvis is laying a silent but deadly on me when his *ahem* starts puckering an looking like it's gasping for air
My saint has the deadliest farts ever and I can hear them which is worse cause I know what is coming next. Anyways I found out it got really bad going from Diamond large breed puppy to a Diamond adult just all the sudden wow never again. We sleep with our door shut still and it was so toxic in there when we woke up and not a pleasant thing to wake up to. One of my other dogs would not even walk past my saint cause of the smell, she went back under the bed.

Now we do a slow switch over if we have to and it was much better this last time.

Funny how the little dogs like the puppy food so they try to eat it all any time they get a chance and the puppy likes the adult food and she eats it all any time she gets a chance. Kids....something different/new I guess.
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I was always so proud of our cattle dog because she wasn't one to gas up the house or whip around and smell her own crime like many do. That all changed. There we were, sitting comfortably on the couch watching TV. Not only did she let out an audible leakage, not only did she whip around and sniff where her tail should be...but then she leapt into the laps of my boyfriend and I, clinging to us and shaking. She had scared herself to death and managed to trap us while we choked on her deadly bomb in one fell swoop. I never gazed at her in silent smugness again.

I would keep your door open tonight, so we don't read about you in the papers tomorrow. "They were such a good must have been those Dorito chips".

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