One of the new guys coops.


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Aug 25, 2014
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I've got 21 chickens in a 20x100 run and I've been housing them in 2 medium sized cages, and large 10x10 baby fence with a makeshift roof and a large dog carrier for the last couple weeks. Well having that inconvenience in housing the birds I figured I needed to get a coop done ASAP. So on the fly I built this. It still needs tin on the roof, paint and trim, but I FINALLY have 16 roosting birds in the coop and only 5 younger birds in a cage to deal with. It's got some minor imperfections that come from building on the fly, but looks pretty good. Hopefully in a few days putting themselves away in the proper place will become automatic for them.

Big Bertha and Miss Daisy are already checking it out.

and 16 birds all tucked safely away inside. Ahhhhhhhh.

Very nice!

Can the chickens come in and out on their own, or do they have to wait for you to open the door? I like the use of the pallet as a ramp. I recently found a good source for them for $1 each, and am looking for new ways to use them.
They can only come in or out when I have the door open for now. But when I put the pallet in place the door holds open. I'll take it down when I close up the coop for the night.

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