One roo or two?

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    Jan 18, 2011
    So I got five birds in the late fall from Meyer Hatchery. They were all supposed to be girls.

    We've been suspicious about one of the birds, Duck, for a while. This past week he started crowing.

    For the past several months Duck has been ruffling the feathers around his neck and hopping around (not the mating/dragging feather thing) around another of the birds, Giraffe. Duck will frequently peck at Giraffe and they'll scuffle a bit. Does that mean that Giraffe is also likely a rooster?
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    Love those names [​IMG]

    The aggression does not necessarily mean that Giraffe is also a rooster, sometimes hens are just unwilling to submit to a rooster.

    If you post some photos, the BYC community could definitely tell you if Giraffe is a hen or roo!

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