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    Apr 14, 2010
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    We've got a fairly large chicken run consisting of a 4' fence skirted with chicken wire and plenty of electric fence running from the base to the top. I know that raccoons can reach through chicken wire to get at chickens but if any try they have to do it within a second or they will be across the electric fence and grounded chicken wire. They will get a good zap. And our girls are locked up in the coop every night so they are very secure when it is dark.

    Anyway. Last weekend the girls decided to show us their flying prowess by getting a running start and flying over the lower fence of the chicken run. This led to the game "Seven of dads chickens are missing and we need to track them down so he can continue working on the house". Dad (me) did stop working on the house and we did find our chickens who were having a wonderful time in some local underbrush. So after their escapade, this Saturday I went through the trouble of putting up deer netting around the run. The girl formerly known as Miss Friendly (still friendly) has undergone a name change to Mrs. Houdini. My son and I watched her as her mental processes went through the paces of convincing her that the net was a possible figment of her imagination and that she could easily work her way through it. Her jump and flapping of wings was quickly replaced by squawks and the disorientation of hitting the barrier in the sky. She was ruffled but none the worse for the wear.

    Last night in a light rain I went out to put the girls away for the night. As I approached the run and heard a little worried bawk bawk by some patio chairs that we have out by the run. I stopped and heard the bawks again. Sure enough Mrs. Houdini was out in the gathering darkness scared to death because she didn't know where the rest of the flock was. All 7 of the other birds were in the coup waiting for me to lock them away for the night. I now realize that I will have to address the routes of escape by our resident escape artist.

    I've some to the realization that the first egg will cost me about $800.00 and a good 100 hours of my time. It had better be a darn good egg.
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    But you realize, the cost of each successive egg goes down until finally you are making money on eggs. [​IMG]

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