one set of chicks and another set of chicks - will they be ok?


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May 29, 2012
we have one set of chicks already hatched and romeing round the garden and 2 more sets of chicks on the way. all three mummys had to be seperated because they were killing chicks as they hatched. when the next lot of chicks hatch and we let them and their mum out to play will the mum attack the other chicks?
if you think they might please give any advice, thanks
When my two turkeys had chicks the dominate one took the other ones babies and tried raising them. I ended up taking the chicks early for fear they might get hurt if the other turkey tried fighting for her baby. Now when my silkie hatched chicks she was in my brooder pen with other chicks and she started attacking the other chicks when hers hatched. She never hurt them she just kind of harassed them. I think it just kind of depends on the hen and how much space you have for them.
O Sorry i forgot to say
haha thanks for the welcome ^.^ and the fast reply.

we have quite a big garden and 1 hen is in a large rabbit run as she has the most eggs to hatch. i am a bit worried about the other 2 and their chicks but if you think them haveing room would help then the other 2 hens and their chicks should be ok *fingers crossed*

one hen is in a roosting pen so i will want to leave the door to it open during the day when the chicks are old enough so that they can go outside, but im just worried they will hurt each other. we have never had problems with hens attacking chicks that arent theirs before but then again we usually only hav one broody hen - this year there are 3! lol
I would definetly keep an eye on the hens and make sure they don't attack each other. If they do take all of the chicks and raise the m your self. Another option is just letting your biggest hen raise them all that is if she can handle that.
I have 2 broody Marans sitting on one clutch of eggs. If they start anything when the eggs hatch, my plan is to leave the hen that mothers the best (or the chicks prefer) and take the other one out for a few days.
I would get a 2 ft tall thing of chicken wire. and make areas for each hen and her chicks. Your hen will not leave her chicks behind to go attack others, and will give each their own space while the chicks can see each other through the wire.
good luck!

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