One Week Old- The Are Growing So Fast! Pictures!


10 Years
Dec 12, 2009
Londonderry, NH
Have had the chicks for a week now, and wow! Are they ever growing! Wing feathers are really noticable and some have stubby little tails. The little Dominique that was not doing so well over the weekend has perked up and is running around and eating and drinking like all the others. I've been giving them some mashed up hard-boiled egg as a treat and they love it. A few pictures:

A Red Star, White Crested Polish and a Dominique:


One of the Red Stars. They are definitely the biggest of the chicks.


A Dominique and White Crested Polish:


They are just so darned cute!
They are beautiful! I'm stalking the pics as I wait for mine to come next week. I love it when they still look like little puffs but the tips of their wings are feathered. AWESOME! Do you have them in a converted dog crate?

Thanks for sharing (and feeding my growing chick obsession)!

No, that's GQF Universal Chick Brooder. I found it on craigslist from a woman here in NH who raised meat birds for many years, and is getting out of the chicken business. I got the brooder, feed and water hoppers for the coop and a heater for the water in winter for about 2/3 the price of the brooder alone. Glad I decided to look there!y
I just love seeing everybody else's chicks! I'm the same way with pictures of other peoples grandkids (ever since I have a grandchild)!!!

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