One week old!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Pineywoods Peepers, Jul 16, 2010.

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    The chicks turned one week old on Wednesday, and I can't belive how much they're changing. They're getting tail feathers (cute!), getting lots bigger, eating and pooping lots more, starting to fly(!), and becoming a wee bit more friendly. Or at least a little less freaked out when I pick them up or put my hand in the crate. Several of them try to climb up my arm to get a higher perch.

    My little sickie chickie is looking really good! I can only tell it's hear because her nose is still slightly swollen and orange. A few more days and she'll blend in with the other Delawares. She enjoyed climbing up my shoulder tonight and being higher than everyone else. I finally had to shoo her off, because I didn't want her to poop on me.

    They're beginning to fly around and can fly to the top of the cardboard. Talk about freaking out! I went to the feedstore to buy bird netting in order to make sure they don't fly up and hop down out of the crate. The lady at the counter asked me what I wanted to keep the birds out of. She thought it rather odd when I told her I was trying to keep chickens in their crate. [​IMG]

    See my updated pics here: man/1 week old/
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    They start to look like big girls with those new tail feathers huh?? ;D
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    They really do! And the Delawares are starting to get white feathers on their wings. They're still a little timid around me, but they're getting braver. Even the chicks that don't like to be picked up will still come over and peck at my hand or arm or bracelet or watch.

    This morning though I made the mistake of yawning out loud. It totally freaked them out, and they went scurrying for cover. Kinda funny. [​IMG]


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