One winged chick, One wing got pulled off! **UPDATE POST #6** **PICS**


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May 25, 2009
Lake Placid FLorida
We took in a abandoned dog and the first 5 days she did WONDERFUL around the chickens and ducks, and then she showed just how talented she is.. She pulled the wing of one of my 3/4 week old Mill fleur chicks through the ITTY BITTY TINY SQUARE CHICK WIRE and pulled the wing plum off! the poor things side was open about the size of a quarter, I dripped peroxide onto it and when i did her chirp sounded Hallow and each time she did chirp a bubble would come out of the side, I put a piece of wound paper stuff over her side with a piece of wrapping over one shoulder then under the other wing to hold it in place with infection salve, this was 2 days ago and I didnt think she would live but shes alive and eating well and drinking well, her chirp doesnt sound hallow anymore, did the dog hit her lung? anything else I need to do?

I know it probably not the best idea to have them together but I put 5 baby quail with her because she was getting lonely and beginning to not eat, she perked up greatly when i added them and started pigging out, she even taught them how to eat good! I have been watching and they arent pecking her, I dont want to take the chance of having another big chick with her to peck her




Needless to say the dog is leaving to
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What a Good Job!!!! I think you should keep the faith
The eyes look bright and those little baby quail LOVE her:thumbsup We'll see what is in store for this little trooper... Keep us posted:fl:fl
only problem I see is that the chicken won't know if she is a chicken or a quail ,or the quail will think they are chickens! so glad she lived, she deserves to live after that, good job
Lucy (lucky sounds to boyish to me) has made a FULL recovery and has already moved back in with the other chicks! she did have a problem of falling on her wingless side and not being able to get up on her own but shes mastered that already to along with getting on the roost, when it happened the side was wide open but now its much less then just a tiny scab

even now it takes me a few minutes to find her amongst the other chicks, just blended right back in





and the blurry thing is Lucy LOL!


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