onion roll up?

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    ok didn't want to hijack a thread so started a new one.

    What is an Onion roll up? I read about it on deviled eggs.
    I love onion, why have I not heard of an onion roll?
    Recipe very welcome!

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    Quote:Ok, ya take green "pulling" onion (the long ones yu can buy in bunches at the grocery store- or pull from your own garden when they are still small).

    Then you take some ham lunchmeat - good tasting stuff, the cheap ham lunchmeat isn't as good in these. Pat each piece off with a paper towel as you do this, because the cream cheese spreads easier if it's dry.

    Then take some room temp cream cheese and spread (very carefully [​IMG] the ham might tear a bit) onto the ham, then place the onion (cleaned appropriately) on the ham and roll it up.

    Small tears in the ham will "heal" if you goosh them together with the cream cheese acting as glue.

    here's a link to dried beef ones - gives the particulars on them with pics.

    eta - I do not slice the onions lengthwise - leave them whole, but trim the root bit and the longer stems to make them shorter - but leave a handle on it.

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    ohhhh (enter druel here) yummmm. I think I'll have to pick up some green onions today after work!

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