Only chick that hatched!!

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    hey guys,
    Only one of my chicks has hatched and I am waiting for two more. I have two chicks in the brooder that are 4&5 weeks. I am so nervous to put the new baby in with them but I am also nervous to leave her in a brooder by herself. What are some suggestions yall have? I am at such a loss.
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    That's a lot of difference in age----but it might work as far as them getting alone---you will just have to try it. The other problem is the older needs to be---being weaned of the heat and this little chick needs to be real warm. If the chick just hatched it can stay in the incubator for 3 or 4 days without a problem???
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    Hi! [​IMG]

    This exact same situation happened to me a little under two weeks ago. It was my first attempt at incubating so I only set 3 eggs. I had an early quitter, a fail to pip, and a lone hatchling. She hatched out on a Wednesday night, and was alone in the brooder until Friday late afternoon. I'm not sure about the laws in your state, but in Massachusetts, you have to buy a minimum of 6 chicks at a time. I did not want to buy 6 chicks, so I reached out to local homesteading groups via Facebook, and found someone that was buying chicks at the feed store and let me add on to her order.

    Now I have 3 in the brooder who actually all hatched out on the same day, which works out perfectly.

    I think if you can do something similar it would be safer than putting a new hatchling in with much older chicks. My little one was fine alone for a few days. I kept her tucked into my clothes as much as I could so that she wasn't alone. I also put a little stuffed animal into the brooder so she had something soft to cuddle up to. She seems no worse for the wear!

    Congrats on your new addition! [​IMG]
  4. Make a look no touch pen for the newly Hatched Chick..Then others will possibly pick it....That way they can see each other and you won't need more Chicks..Keep them separated till the Chick is Bigger at around 3 weeks old and then it should all work out just fine..:)....Hang a mirror for the lone Chick and have the heat warmer on the youngest Chicks side... Use smaller gaged wire so the birds cannot peck through...;)

    Best of luck....

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