Only my Barred Rocks are losing their feathers ............

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    Mar 24, 2015
    Hello Everyone,

    I just move my 6 girls back to their outside coop and noticed that my barred rocks were losing their feathers. My husband says they are molting but after reading several different threads, I think they have mites! They have lost a lot of feathers on their backs, around their vent area but not their tails and it's red.

    How is it possible that only Isadora and Rebecca would have mites but Irene and Frances (Rhode Island Reds) and Sunshine and Snuggles (Leghorns) are fine?

    I am so worried. I completely cleaned out their coop before moving them back in and put in fresh hay and pine shavings because it's still cold at night.

    My other concern, We cleaned out the other coop they were in and moved it over for more sun exposure and to have room to safely set up a heat lamp for the new chicks. Now I am worried if there were mites in the old coop area .... did I pass them on to the babies?

    Very worried,

    Stilly Chicken's Mom

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