Only one "problem" hatch


9 Years
Aug 22, 2010
My first hatch went amazingly well! I set 25 eggs, had 5 duds that I took out around day 15. I though Sat was day 21, but Thurs afternoon I had 2 chicks hatch, 2 more overnight, and then through this afternoon, all but one successfully hatched and they are in the brooder. The last one pip and started to zip and I found it where the yolk had leaked out of the pipped area. The chick is still alive, I removed quite a bit of shell so that the membrane could soften and increased the humidity in the bator. It is also laying on a damp washcloth. I expected it to be dead by now, so do I just wait? I suspect I will know one way or the other by morning. So sad, it looks like a premie in NICU except no wires.
19 of 20 good eggs hatched! Now hopefully the chicks sell - I really don't need 19 more chickens.

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