Only the EEs are getting picked on...why?


7 Years
Sep 26, 2012
Alden, MI (Near Traverse City)
So, I have 10 Black Australorps and five Easter Eggers. They were all purchased together as day olds and there about 6 weeks old. They are all relatively the same size. They were getting cramped and we just moved them to a 5'x6' pen. They have plenty of room.

All of a sudden, within the last week, the BAs have begun picking on the Easter Eggers. They pick their tail feathers. But the BA are not picking on each other and the EEs are not picking on anybody. Is it unusual for different breed to pick on each other because of coloring or something else? Are EEs just more docile or laid back? My EEs are speckled brown mostly or brown/black.

Well, now all are my EEs are sporting stylish duct tape saddles after I cleaned everyone up. But even blu-cote didn't stop the picking...even if there was no blood or red patches. Hence, the duct tape. I quarantined the 2 I thought were the ringleader bullies. We'll see what happened when I re introduce those two..

How long should I keep the bullies separate? How long does it take to re-establish the pecking order?

Now I'm wondering what will happen when I start mixing them with my flock of Barred Rocks.

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