Ontario Quebec Spring Auctions 2012

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    Here's info on spring bird sales 2012 (this will be edited and updated as I gather new info)

    Ontario (Canada)

    Alfred - March 31 - Knights of Columbus Hall
    Interprovincial Bird Association www.ipba-aieo.org
    Alfred is between Montreal and Ottawa

    Vernon Ontario - Saturday, March 17, Bird entry 7 am, Auction starts at 9 am
    Vernon Community Centre, 7950 Lawrence St.
    Vernon is south of Ottawa
    For more information, please visit http://www.easternbirdbreedersassociation.ca/

    McDonald's Corners - March 18th (near Perth)
    info Cheryl McInnis 613-259-3172
    in this village just look for the parked cars or follow the ruckus

    South Mountain - April 28 - Oxford on Rideau Bird Club
    South Mountain Fairgrounds South Mountain Ontario (near Kemptville ON)
    Info Margaret Carson : Treasurer  613-258-2080

    John Joynt is the auctioneer of the above 4 sales

    I have attended the sales at McDonald's corners, Vernon, and South Mountain the past.  sales start at 9 am and run until all are sold-  typically mid afternoon

    Anyone can come and buy birds (all are in cardboard boxes with chicken wire fronts) or in cages.  To sell at Vernon you have to join the club.

    You will find chickens, bantams, ducks, geese, turkeys, pigeons, guinea fowl, quail, pheasants, partridges, peafowl and some cage birds; finches, canaries, budgies, etc.  also some equipment such as incubators, maybe a few cages, etc.
    Also some hatching eggs.

    The South Mountain sale and McDonald's Corners will include rabbits.
    The Kemptville and McDonald's corners sale has a vendor selling books, incubators, and equipment who may be at other sales.

    There are sales held in Woodstock Ontario , one is game birds the other domestic farm birds.  For more info on these check www.pheasantclub.org  and http://canadiandoveassociation.weebly.com/

    Saturday, March 10, 2012        Oxford’s Spring Buy-Sell-Trade Day. (doves)
                                                      Doors Open @ 8:00  AM
                                                      Poultry Building, Fairgrounds
                                                      Woodstock, Ontario

    Saturday, March 10, 2012        Canadian Ornamental Pheasant & Game Bird
                                                      Spring Auction @ 9:00 AM – All Types of birds
                                                      Auditorium, Fairgrounds
                                                      Woodstock, Ontario

    Fenelon Falls Ontairo (near Lake Simcoe). auction is Saturday May 12
    at the fairgrounds which is on Veteran's Way.  Register at 11am with auction starting at 1pm.  there's usually a silent auction as well and 50/50 draw, also food and drink available.  entries must be boxed and viewable as they will go to the buyer in such.  our club also has a fall tailgate sale.  everyone is welcome to come and buy/sell /trade. we are trying to build our club bigger and better, so you are welcome to attend a meeting, or join for $10 single/$15 family per year and get involved in club events and receive our monthly newsletter.  http://fenelonfeatherfurclub.weebly.com 

    To buy migratory birds; mallard ducks, canada geese, you must have a federal permit before buying.  To buy huntable birds i.e. ringneck pheasants, hungarian partridge, and bobwhite quail you are supposed to get a provincial permit after ten days of purchase to keep birds in province of Ontario.  Quebec does not have a permit for game birds.

    I don't get the feathier fancier so I don't know what is listed there.  www.featherfancier.on.ca 

    Quinte Pigeon and Poultry date not set as of Feb 4
    sale held between Belleville and Napanee
    for more info check website http://www.freewebs.com/quintepigeonpetpoultry/

    Renfrew , Pembroke buy/sell/trade. dates not set yet

    Spencerville, Chesterville, no info yet

    Flamborough Fur and Feathier Fanciers Club auction date April 22 2012
    Farm and Home building or the Drill Hall (poultry building). Rockton Fairgrounds
    812 Old Hwy 8 Rd
    Rockton, ON L0R 1X0

    Rockton is near Hamilton

    E-Mail [email protected] Don Intini, secretary


    April 28 2012 - Ste Madeleine Quebec (Near St Hyacinthe an hour east of Montreal on autoroute 20)
    www.aaofq.com  Association des Amateurs d'Oiseaux de Fantaisies du Quebec

    This bird club has a great website and the auction is game birds, cage birds, and domestic poultry.  Its obviously a french speaking group (lots of fun at auction speed) but there'll be a few folks that speak english.

    Happy Birding, Bert
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    Sep 10, 2012
    Just wondering if you happen to have any information regarding the Chesterville Poultry Swap this weekend September 15th. I do have the address and start time but am unable to confirm whether I need to pre-register? Also, I heard that there is a Poultry sale in Renfrew on Sunday...
    Any information you might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

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