open mouth breathing/gasping.....what is wrong?

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  1. Cmcdow

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    Feb 13, 2008
    My ameracauna "Flo" is open mouth breathing, not really gasping just hard breats really. Then she will make a sound almost like a sneeze/bock bock sound. Sounds throaty kindof. No other symptoms to speak of, she's active, in the yard scratching her little heart out, except her sneeze/bock can be heard all over the yard. I noticed a little string of we'll call it chicken snot, on her beak. Could she just have a cold?
  2. kinardmommy

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    Apr 7, 2008
    Mine was acting similar and it turned out to be pneumonia. I would seperate her and medicate only her. My hen weighed 3.2 lbs and the vet told me to mix 1/8 tsp of Aeuromycin with just enough water to dissolve it and give it to her orally with a medicine dropper or syringe. This will ensure she gets adequate medication to treat her. This is just what I am doing. It seems to be working. Unless you give the meds yourself you cannot know how much they are taking in of either the water dissolvable meds or the crumbles.
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    I don't use antibiotics, so don't use them on my animals. So I am always on the lookout for alternate methods of medication.

    We have a hen that was injured as a small chick. When the pollen count is high, she sounds like she has asthma. This recipe for cylone cider seems to help her.

    I also use a q-tip to swab eucalyptus oil on her nostrils. If you think your bird is ill, you should always isolate it.

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