Opened my bator to add water...surprise!

Terri O

10 Years
Jan 2, 2010
WI~chickening for 30 years!

Thirteen babies! They are waaay adorable too (of course) These are from my adults that I got in the spring. I should have more hatching every day now for a while!

Terri O
i had 2 different clutches set in my turners... i moved the WRONG set into the hatcher... so when i went to check the temp the other day on the turner/bator i saw about 30 little chicks all over the place and still zipping...
one of my best hatches and i had them still turning!
I hear ya on the ignoring them thing...for this batch I just put eggs in there every day as I gathered them...then moved them around a bit each day with my hand while adding. Water when I thought about it. Funny that when I did it "by the book" I only hatched a few! (Now I have probably jinxed myself!) I wonder how many more will be out tonight? I think I added about 5 a day for about a week...cant wait to try quail on my plate! I guess I better take a tour on the web and read about butchering the little buggers! (I really hope I can...) TErri O
they are very easy to process. i think they are the easiest critter that i know how to clean. i hunt everything from deer, duck, goose, dove, rabbit, ettc..etc.. and quail are easiest. youtube has a decent video of processing a&ms.

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