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    I candled my egg before lockdown and there was plenty of movement. Most of the egg was full of chick it looked like so I figured I was in good shape. I kept humidity between 78-86% and the temp stayed between 99-100F like it had during the whole incubation. But on day 23 it still hadn't pipped so I candled it. No movement. So I popped the top on it. The chick was fully formed but the yolk was still in the membrane with the chick. The chick took up about half the space in the egg so it was pretty small still. It seemed stuck to one side of the egg but I don't know if that happened after it died then sat in the incubator on lockdown for a few days. Maybe I didn't turn it enough??? So what I'm wondering is if anyone has any insight into what happened so I can correct this problem. This was my first attempt so I'd like to try again now that my hens are laying eggs on a more regular basis. I'd like to put in 6 or 8 eggs this time but I'd like to know if I'm doing something wrong before I attempt another batch.

    Note: I started with 2 eggs and one I threw away before lockdown. Got to day 5 or 6 it looked like.
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    I'd suggest you try at least a dozen eggs. That way if you get a 50% hatch, you'll still have your 6 chicks. A 100% hatch is hard to reach. Don't give up - it's a constant learning experience. Even for the veterans that have been incubating for many years. There is always something new to learn. (If you want to, anyway) As long as you're using your own eggs, you're not out the money you'd spend on buying hatching eggs from somewhere, so you're only out the eggs (and the income, I guess, if you sell them). Best wishes, and keep trying!

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