operation black snake


8 Years
Jul 15, 2011
It seems that every 2 or 3 days I have an egg missing out of 1 of ducks nests. The three nests are in the same shed. Everytime I have this happen I end up finding a big old mama black snake. I checked all the usual hideing spots and haven't found it. However when I do she will have a bad day. I have 1 duck now down to 2 eggs.
Snakes are my big nuisance too. We catch the egg eaters and take them far away. We have lots of snakes on our property and it seems pine snakes and grey rat snakes are our repeat offenders and can swallow two or three at one time. Black snakes of all kinds, indigo, racer, rat, etc, seem to focus on bugs, reptiles and rodents here. They are a pita plague when they come out of hibernation though. Good luck!
My sister took a pic of one climbing a tree in NW Arkansas



NEver thought a snake could climb a tree pretty much straight up
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Holy freakin' s**t! That's a biggun'! Snakes are beautiful, but not when they're eating my chicken eggs. Huge. (It's a female too, babies? Hmmm).
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Cool picture!

The larger black snakes spend most of their time in trees.

You cannot sex this snake from that picture.....they're egg layers, btw.
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I have a shed where a mama snake has taken up residence. I found her climbing straight up the coner of the shed. I mean straight up. I didn't know they could climg that was either. I did move her and I haven't seen her back, yet.

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