6 Years
Aug 21, 2013
Im going to pick up two turkeys today a young male and a young female... I have a choice between lilacs or slates and seems as im new to turkeys which toms do you think look best? i had a look on the internet, i like the blue on the lilac but the slate was so handsome too...
Oh i definantly will im hopeing their big enough to sex! I cant wait to get my first tom! At the moment one of my hens is sitting on duck eggs and the other on chicken eggs poor girls will be in for a shock :p
Ha, that's funny. I have heard that mama chickens still think that when the ducks hatch they are chickens. They panic when watching them go into water, lol. I'm sure the turkeys are going to be gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing some pics.
Yeah my grandfather tells me myy poor girl will go off her head when they hop in the water haha
Funny stuff. Lol. You just need to make sure she doesn't drown trying to get them out of the water. Although I've heard/seen that chickens can swim(youtube is so enlightening) I don't know if it's a self-taught skill or comes naturally. Lol. Wouldn't want to test the theory.

on the left thats Kat
and on the right is Marshall hopeing its a biy because its boof headed :p

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