Opossum 2 days in a row!


Orpingtons Are Us
9 Years
Dec 1, 2010
Owasso, Oklahoma
Yesterday I went out side about 8:30 to go close the run door and I about stepped on an opossum so I took care of that guy with Mr Bang and tonight I went out around 9ish and I saw ANOTHER One! I chased him up a tree and he was about 20 feet up and I took care of that one to! I think they are invading Collinsville! I have set a live trap with 2 big old straw berries with mold I got free from a grocery store. I feed 3 boxes of strawberries today and only 6 strawberries had more on them! I hope I get them under control! These to were full grown! I hope no reproducing was going on!



8 Years
Feb 23, 2011
Gilroy, CA
I once heard some weird sounds and found two up in a tree ..... reproducing. I filled 'em with pellets, should have just used the .22.

They have 10+ babies at a time. There's always reproducing going on.

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