Opossum in the Afternoon

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by MamiPollo, Jul 1, 2011.

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  1. MamiPollo

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    Mar 6, 2011
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    I came home from an errand about a week ago and my neighbor told me they had spotted an opossum in my backyard. I looked up and the ugly little critter was looking at me through a gap in the fence in my neighbor's yard.

    As we were talking, the opossum strolled across the fence and went into my yard. Broad daylight. About 5 pm. This animal was not in the least worried about two humans standing 20 feet away.

    He strolled down the fenceline and went under some brush in my backyard (I have since cleaned that out). I took a big stick and went over to chase him off. Rather than run away, he bared his teeth at me. It scared my little dog who was with me, and I wondered if this opossum was rabid or something, so I went on in the house.

    I have not seen him since, but we are getting ready to fence in that part of the yard for the chickens to run in next week. Are they going to be vulnerable to this critter? Should I wait longer before letting them out?

    Has anyone had experience with opossums in the daytime?
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    I have possums living in my yard. And I see them during the day. They never seem concerned with me, unless I get real close, and then they all bare their teeth. Nothing you posted make me think sick possum.
    A few years ago I was housesitting at a neighbor when a possum came walking along the fence. Now that one was stumbling, making a growling noise, seemed disoriented, and ignored me. I stepped out of its way as it passed and it went behind the garage. I think that one was sick.


    ETA- I think possums are rarely a danger to chickens, more of a threat to pellets. They coexist in my yard without any problem. But, don't underestimate them especially a strange one.
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  3. 99% of them if seen during the daylight hours when it is not first thing in the spring thaw and they are coming out of torpor are sick with distemper, rabies, or another illness. If i run into one during the day I will dispose of it. watch its head, if its swinging, swaying or frothing kill it immediatly. You may want to check with your local division of wildlilfe. They sometimes will want it as a species sample to test for rabies.
  4. kindir

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    Aug 27, 2009
    It is extremely rare for an opossum to get rabies. Not impossible, just VERY rare due to their low body temperatures. Just an interesting fact - it certainly could have been sick with something else though (or you had the very rare opossum!!)
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