Opossum in the chicken pen

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The WinterWolf

Apr 12, 2021
Northern CA
Last night I woke up hearing chickens clucking at around 5:00 I got up and went to the window and looked out and I saw my chickens one one side of the pen and a possum on the other side. I know they eat baby chicks and eggs but I heard they eat chickens too. He left after a few minutes and the birds went to bed. He probably ate a few eggs but I didn't check. I don't have any traps either. I'll fix the fence where he got in. Other than being a nuisance and eating eggs, (which I can just make sure there are no eggs to take ) is he a problem? I can just borrow a coon Trap if needed.
Here's a list of other 4 legged predators that can fit thru the same size hole as a possum: Skunks, raccoons, foxes, minks, weasels, snakes,bob cats and rats.The possum isn't a problem yet but the coop is.If you'll kindly post a photo of the hole he entered and post pictures of the coop inside and out we'll be glad to help! Just so you know you don't have much time to fix it because they always return where they've gotten a free meal.

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