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Feb 27, 2010
Foothills of NC
**Please Do Not bid** as there are Several birds finally ready for new homes as we make room for upcoming stock. Please email or pm me with any questions and more information on any of the birds listed. Shipping avialable. We are NPIP and AI clean.

1. Lavender Orpington cockerel - born Jan. 4th

2. Black Copper Marans cockerel - born mid Nov. 2010 (I believe he is French, will double check)

3. Blue Bantam Orpington Rooster - Approx. 1 yr. (people aggressive but very fertile and good to the girls)

4. Cuckoo Marans Pair/Trio - born mid Nov.2010 (pullets french/cockerel I will have to double check) **SOLD**

5. Bantam Hen & Chick - small black mixed bantam hen with an unrelated bantam chick she is raising. Great egg layer and brooder!

6. Serama Pullet - born Dec.2010 Out of Quality stock that has been shown, she is small and nice cream colored

7. Chocolate Gene carrier Serama Rooster - Hershey is big and not to standard for a serama which was perfect for me. He has produced chocolate pullets when crossed with black hens and is the perfect bird for anyone looking to do a chocolate project in the breed of your choice! Only available as I am now onto F2's from his chocolate offspring.

6. Black Bantam Orpington Pair - they are still a young juvi pair. Available to pick up now or will be ready to ship in a few weeks.
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