optional heat source, anyone tried this ?

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    brainstorm this morning, see what everyone thinks ...

    most everyone building an incubator uses one (or two) standard light sockets, hooked to a thermostat ... utilizing low wattage bulbs or incorporating a dimmer switch into the circuit

    many add a fan to circulate the air, to keep the temperature more even

    has anyone tried, instead of a single/double light bulb, a string of indoor-outdoor Christmas lights ?

    run around the inside perimeter of the incubator ?

    (of course the kind when one light burns out, the others stay lit)

    I'm just wondering if that wouldn't provide a more-even heat, without the drawback of hot-spots and cool-spots


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    Apr 20, 2007
    Ontario, Canada
    I've seen people report using them to provide bottom warmth for starting seeds, if that is any encouragement. (The regular strings, not LED, of course). I guess the key would be getting a string with approx the right (most useful) wattage. I don't think I'd personally trust xmas light strings with eggs, though, considering how prone they seem to be to croak while in use as decorations [​IMG]

    Be interesting to try, though. If it worked, your chicks would sure have a festive-looking first glimpse of the world! <vbg>


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