Options for Shipping Chicks (Canada)


May 12, 2020
Southwestern Manitoba
I've been wanting to ship the chicks that I hatch across Canada for a while now and Canada Post seemed to be the easiest way. They said that I needed paperwork regarding a permit to operate a hatchery from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, though I don't have the capacity to hatch over 1000 eggs which is what classifies something as a hatchery. I don't think I should invest in getting a permit to ship a dozen chicks to the East coast or anything.

Are there other options aside from Canada Post that can allow for shipped chicks? I've heard that Westjet and Air Canada will ship your chicks, but the closest town that has commercial flights does not offer a cargo dropoff or pickup service; the closest is 3 hours away. Any suggestions?


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I do not know of an alternative.

For most countries, the rule is for a vet inspectin of the flock.

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