8 Years
Mar 7, 2011
Fremont, CA
I got home found peels of an orange!
My neighbour has a tree and oranges fall into our yard. Chicks never are interested but today?!
What happens to chicken if they ingest oranges?
I've read before that chickens aren't supposed to eat citrus, but no one has ever told me why. I don't know if it's an old myth or not. Are your chooks OK?
They will be just fine.

I keep hearing people saying that citrus is bad for them but I have yet seen any prof to the mater in fact if citrus was so bad for them why would they include it in some commercial poultry feed and citrus acid is used in livestock/poultry electrolytes so they will be just fine.

Citrus is blamed for many things:
decreased laying
stopped laying
thin shells
and death

I also have never seen proof. This seems to be one of those myths.

Imp- I am extremely skeptical.
I have read posts from many people who say they feed citrus and have no issues. I have a feeling this is one more..I had an issue with something and threw an orange in...I blame it on the orange,....better tell everyone..and it snowballed thanks to the internet..
Everybody seems in good spirit and appetite this morning. I noticed some red stuff in the dropping, not sure what it is, shedding of intestine or food or, i hope not blood. Not sure if it had to do with oranges.

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