Ordered a few more Chicks!


Apr 27, 2015
I have 8, 6 week old chicks of various breeds. They are all pullets but recently I looked into the benefits of a rooster and decided that I needed one to protect my girls.

I've stayed in contact with the lady that sold me my first girls. She ordered twice as many as she wanted off of MPC so she was trying to get rid of some. I was talking to her about wanting a rooster and she said "let's order some chicks together!" I got a buff orpington female and a salmon faverolle male to go with my flock of blue andalusians, salmon faverolles, white marans, and easter eggers. Their hatch date is June 1. I am sooo excited to raise chicks from day 1! I got my girls that I have now when they were 4 weeks old so I never got to expirience their fluff ball stage.

Will the chicks be ok in the brooder even though theres only gonna be two of them?
At what age should I introduce them into the existing flock?
I would never put them together right off the bat, but they have to go together eventually...that's why I got them was so that the rooster could protect them. I was going to wait until the two new ones got to be bigger and able to defend themselves before introducing them to my older girls.

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