Ordering Chicks and Ducks? AS Eggs or Hatchlings?

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    So i was thinking of ordering the breeds of chickens and Ducks I want to get started. Just wondering If I ordered and they are a day or so old, and one doesnt look so good(in bad health), what should I do, do they just take them or am I stuck with it because its my order? I know at markets where they are running around in cages/boxes whatever, you can pick and choose, but im wondering if they come in a order if your still able to choose. Plus I dont want to drive out somewere to find They dont have the breeds I want. And Is it better to get them when they are a couple days old or not hatched yet? I know you have to get an incubator if I decide to get them in that manor. And if one chick/ducklings sick is there a great chance the others would be?
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    The answer to your questions is "It all depends..."

    If you hatch chicks, you will need to invest in an incubator and eggs. It takes 21 days of keeping humidity and temps perfect to get a good hatch. It is very exciting and rewarding when they do hatch. You will get "stright run", boys and girls, so you will need to figure out what to do with extra roosters.

    Buying from a feed store can be a good choice if you only want a few chicks. The selection may not be what you want. Be sure you are buying pullets, unless you want roosters. I don't fully trust feed stores to be honest or accurate about their chicks being pullets. Also, make sure the store is clean, brooders are clean. I wouldn't buy from anyone who lets customers handle the chicks, the risk of disease is high.

    We usually opt for ordering chicks through the mail. They have been very healthy the 4 times we have done this, only 1 in 100 chicks didn't make it. If you want to do this, order now. Many hatcheries will be backordered to May or later. Each hatchery has it's own rules regarding how many/few you can order, 25 is usually a minimum order. We just got amazing chicks through Ideal, and require you to order $25 minimum, but they will but "male chicks for warmth" in the box. We usually order 25, split the order with friends, or sell the ones we don't want. When I sell the extras, I get breeds the feed stores don't usually carry that are popular and sell them as chicks for a little more than we paid. Any kind of Maran or Welsummer will sell, for example. We always get Merecks vaccinations as this was advised by a local avian professor/researcher. Youtube is a good place to learn about this disease.

    Hatcheries all have different policies around sick/dead chicks. Most will promise a 90% accuracy in sexing. Check out each hatchery for details.

    Best of luck!
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