Ordering chicks, how far can they ship?

I ordered chicks from Ideal in Texas and they made it to Florida with no problem. Only lost one in shipping. Lost some JB later but all the RIR and Turkeys are still fine.
I ordered from Ideal also, all 14 arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed in Georgia. I'm pretty darn rural, everything has to go through a town 2 hours away before it gets here. I would recommend you know when they are going to arrive and get to the post office first thing. Depending on how far away the post office is, you might want to bring a waterer and some feed. Mine shipped Wednesday and arrived this morning. You can always call the hatchery and request a specific hatch date, that way you can be sure if there is a delay, it won't be more than a day. You wouldn't want them to get stuck in the post office on a Sunday.
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I'm pretty sure as long as they are shipping from somewhere in the US to somewhere in the US, they'll be fine
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The chicks will live 3 days after hatching without food or water. They can be shipped in 2 days or less in most situations. With warmer weather i think they will have a better chance of survival. Mine came in Feb. with cold weather but i got mine the next morning after shipping.
Hi, there. I just wanted to ask all of you what you think of shipping chicks from Georgia to Washington (from one corner of US to the other). If it is too dangerous for the chicks I would never ship that distance. I am putting together quality lines from a breed that you can't find everywhere, so I already looked for local chicks.

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I got mine from Michigan to Tennessee almost 3 weeks ago. I know it was cold there and here the same day they came in the area it started to snow. I was beside myself with worry. But every chick survived shipping. Mine shipped on a Monday I got them Weds morning.
Mine came from TX (Ideal) to TN, all are fine, picked them up this past Thursday. They even showed up a day early. I also ordered from them when I lived in VA with no problems. Good luck!

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