Ordering different breeds (pullets) online..? Any advice

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by Jlbern21, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. Jlbern21

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    Hoping to order a few different breeds this coming spring for my flock since I have had bad luck at my local TSC with breed and gender (I am a newbie and told them I wanted pullets for eggs and they gave me several meat birds [​IMG] ) My question is, does anyone have any advice or experience ordering online and from where? And also, if I order female, is my luck better then that of TSC where I also had a few males in my flock? The shipping I noticed is expensive, but I'd be happy if my chicks were what I wanted and healthy!! (Sorry if this isn't the right forum for this thread, but I couldn't find a good match lol!)
  2. Alexandra33

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    I've had WONDERFUL experience with Meyer Hatchery, as all but 7 of our 41 chickens and ducks came from them. Not only have there been no breed errors, but we've only ended up with one "mistake" roo in the whole flock. The employees are helpful and friendly, Meyer's facility is pristine (we live an hour away and have picked up our chicks before), and the birds are beautiful, healthy, and friendly. I personally think this business is a great option for anyone seeking a good-quality hatchery. [​IMG] Best wishes on your chick search!

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  3. Michael OShay

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    May 14, 2014
    I've ordered chicks (usually pullet orders) from four different hatcheries multiple times over the years, Murray McMurray Hatchery, Ideal Poultry, Dunlap Hatchery, and Cackle Hatchery, and have been happy with the birds and service of all four of them.
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    I agree that ordering direct from a hatchery is a much better option than buying from TSC or other feed stores, (which are probably the worse place to buy chicks). I second Meyer hatchery. If you are going to get birds from a large hatchery than Meyers is a good choice. Their birds are of good quality (at least for a hatchery) and their service is good.
  5. donrae

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    I think you're pretty safe going with any of the larger hatcheries like Murray McMurray, Ideal, Cackle or Meyer. I've ordered from MMM several times and am a fan of theirs. I've ordered from Ideal once and was less than thrilled with the quality and hardiness of some of the breeds, but they did have breeds I couldn't get from MMM.

    Wherever you go, please read all the details on purchasing! For instance, MMM will offer you a free exotic chick. This bird is quite likely to be male.....don't check the free box unless you're willing to have a rooster. Ideal uses male chicks as "packing peanuts" if you have a small order, to help keep your chicks warm. Then you have a bunch of extra rooster chicks. They're willing to use a heat pack or extra bedding, but you have to specify and there is a charge. Meyer's meal maker is also likely to be a rooster chick....just be sure to read all the policies when ordering.
  6. Jlbern21

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    Alexandra33 I see you are an owner to a Silver Spangled Hamburg, and that is one that is on my "I think I have to have list" as well as some easter eggers! Any pros (besides beautiful!) or cons to that particular breed?
  7. Alexandra33

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    Good choice, Jlbern21! SSHs definitely have a reputation for being an ornamental breed. Mine hasn't begun laying yet (I think it will be soon, though, since she's been investigating the nesting boxes for a couple days), so I don't exactly have an opinion on that aspect of the Hamburg, but there are couple things I CAN tell you about them. As far as personality goes, Avalon is a little nervous and flighty, but that may change once she starts producing eggs. That can actually be a good thing sometimes since we are afflicted with quite a few predators around here. For example, the other day, she spotted something across the yard and immediately alerted the others by clucking rather loudly. If you don't mind, I will get back with you once she is laying, because a lot depends on that. This way I will be able to inform you about their laying abilities and true personality; Avalon was actually the friendliest chick I've ever had, so hopefully she will revert back to that soon.
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  8. Alexandra33

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    I've received the Meyer Meal Maker twice so far, and it's been a Barred Rock pullet both times. Which is fine, since BRs are absolutely precious!

  9. Jlbern21

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    Yes thank you! I would love to know how she does! I am very excited about potentially getting colorful eggs too when ordering "easter eggers", my 4 year old LOVES collecting the eggs and blue/green ones would thrill him! Thanks for all the advise and I hope spring comes soon! 2 of my current GLW like to hide their eggs, 4 lay in the coop and 2 of my other breeds I don't think are laying yet, and if they are, the eggs are hidden as well.. So here's to more chickens and more eggs! lol!! [​IMG]
  10. Alexandra33

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    EEs are great! I currently have 4, and all but one lay gorgeous green to blue-green eggs. I can SO relate to wanting as many breeds as possible, which, sadly, leads to severely addictive "chicken math!" You should see how long my list is even though there are already 29 chickens and 9 ducks out in the coop. [​IMG] Avalon laid her first egg yesterday, and much to my surprise, she is ferociously broody. The color was pretty interesting, too. Rather than turning out white as is conventional for Hamburgs, it looked like an expensive rosy pearl. I will let you know how well she lays from this point on.

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