Ordering from Meyer Hatchery


10 Years
Nov 21, 2009
Were going to be ordering 4 chicks from meyer hatchery and I was wondering what everyone thinks of this place. Did your chicks arrive alive and well? Like I said were only ordering 4 and I don't want a whole bunch of weak chicks coming in the mail..
Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!
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I just placed an order today, due to ship May 10, so I'll let you know. I 've heard a lot of good things about Meyer, and they're close by, so I went for it.
When I first got back "into" chickens 2 years ago, I ordered 4 chicks from Meyer. 2 ended up w/a friend of mine & the other 2 are still with me. They are still doing great, good layers, friendly & healthy.

Of course, they have been joined by, let's see, 14 other hens and also there are 19 new hatchlings upstairs in the brooder! I hatched all of those from eggs bought from BYC members here!

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