What part of NW Oregon? I am up in Washington, just 20 mins North of Vancouver or is that too far? I have Buff Orpington Ducklings, I have them on Craigslist right now.
They are near Eugene. I live near Klamath Falls and would have been a 3 hour drive one way for me. I've ordered 10 ducklings and paid like 10 dollars for shipping. Not really worse the time driving and shipping was only overnight. Holderread ships late in the evening so they are as little as possible in the box. Driving to Eugene from Portland is probably not to bad.
There are lots of ducks on Portland Craigslist.. Ancona ducks in St. Johns. Cayuga ducklings in SE Portland, Muscovy in Oregon City. I just got @ East Indies from a woman in North Portland as well.
we are in Portland but really Hillsboro, about 25 minutes from Portland so we are close. Yeah Craigslist has ducks. Hey thanks for all the help everyone.
There used to be a Hatchery in Canby called Far West. As far as I know, it is still there.

Not many places will sex ducks. I think that Metzer does. They are in California, but the ducks will ship to Oregon quite well.

I received ducks from Texas is under 24 hours. The post office tries to move them fast. I think they don't like listeningto them so get them on their way.

There is a Lazy 54 Farm hatchery in Hubbard OR
I have some Call Ducks I am selling and I live outside of Portland, we could meet up in the middle if you are interested...

I have White's and Pastel's - they are just starting to lay - I have one egg so far so as it warms up (assuming it does!) they will start to lay and you can have your own ducklings!

$60 a pair - and I have an extra drake of each color if anyone would like those $25 ea


If you PM me I can email a picture...

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