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    Hello I have a question, I just got the new Murray McMurray catolog and it has an egg washer pro that is organic. During the summer I get very few dirty eggs, But with all this snow mud and ice I am getting a few more dirty eggs. Does anyone have a home made eggwasher that is good. I thought you were not to wash eggs because you wash the blume off. Some need some spot washing. Just wanted to know what everyone else does. Thanks:)
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    Water is organic!

    Seriously - that's all you need. Moisten a paper towel and wipe off the splutch. Use the egg within a week or so. If you want to replace the bloom, rub a bit of vegetable oil on it, but it's not relaly necessary if you'll use the egg soon.
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    I never remove the bloom unless absolutely necessary. I do have the antibacterial egg wash on hand just in case it's needed, but only because I sell my eggs and want to know they are absolutely safe with a 100% money back guarantee.

    The word ORGANIC is so overused I seldom pay attention now. It simply means it's high $$. You'll notice the word GREEN is going the same way. Marketing works, it has always worked and it always will work.

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