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    Dec 18, 2009
    I am new to chicken owning, i would like to get an organic feed, but read somewhere that it spoils easily especially if stored in the galvanized pails. Does anyone have this issue, i would need to store my feed outside, what do you all do to keep condensation out when storing outside? Also, what brands of Organic feed do you like/dislike?

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    Hey there. You might want to try an air tight pet food container or maybe an old olive container. The organic spoilage thing might be spot on due to it having less chemical buffers to keep from such actions happening. There is a great list of Organic feed providers being created by GardeNerd and it can be found in this thread: Enjoy!
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    Hi Chicksrule and [​IMG]

    I use Organic Pride, the Purina brand, because that's the easiest to get. I would go for a soy free feed if one was readily available but it is cost prohibitive for me right now. My chickens eat it just fine but it is a little messy when they scratch it all over the place, I need to figure out a good feeder for them that isn't $25 LOL

    There is a thread on this board Titled "Where to buy Organic Chicken Feed." If you look through that thread you'll find links to all kinds of helpful info about organic feed.

    I've kept my feed outside in plastic for up to a month and it hasn't spoiled yet, but maybe someone else has more experience here. I would say make sure you have it in a dry covered location. Maybe you could add a screen bag with something in it that will absorb moisture, like rice or something. Dunno, just guessing now...

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