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    Nov 24, 2012
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    Sadly my hen was a he not a she. Gertrude has found a home on a ranch where he will work on a 'Bug Prevention Team'. He is on an organic local farm.Plenty of food and water all organic!! They say they are a no kill facility and can be viewed from the street. In my head I think he came from there. We found him wandering about 2 acres from that ranch and there are many chickens there of his 'breed'. Okay they look like him for all you savoy poultry people that know I can't tell a hen from rooster. Lol! Just so you know there is a small electric predator fence with just enough charge to keep the chickens in and coyotes out. Lots of space to roam inside. I hope he has a wonderful life there. I miss him already! ---> Thank you for all your help! I am grateful!
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    awwww great story! thank you for sharing!
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