Orloffs and Faverolles


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Apr 18, 2011
Hi, I just recently posted a topic searching for Mahogany Faverolles and had no such luck. I also emailed a couple people with no replies whatsoever. So now im looking for any color of faverolle chicks and im also looking for Russian Orloff chicks. If anyone has any or knows of any breeders please let me know.

Thanks ^-^
Rare Feathers Farm .they have both.don't know about chicks but you they sell eggs.
Cloverleaf Farm has faverolles
faverolles -Dick

all are BYC members
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Leisha Comer has some breeding stock for sale over on EggAuct. She may have others if you contact her. I also have a few started cockerels in salmon available.
Sadly Rare Feather farm only ships eggs. My mom ordered eggs from there once and had poor hatch rate with a very high price. We would prefer not ordering eggs.

Cloverleaf doesnt ship live birds.

As for Dick I cant figure out who he is. Does anyone have his email/website???

I also tried finding shellyd1969 and had no luck.

I think Leisha only raises bantam faverolles and im looking for standards

Also, the orloffs weren't available for shipping either

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