Ornamental ducks and pheasants!

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    Nov 23, 2012
    I have the following birds for sale:

    -Red Crested Pochard Hens(3) - They are full-winged, healthy and friendly as you can see from the pictures. They are adorable to see waddling over to you to get their daily food. They eat side by side with my pheasants and they get about a foot away from you without any problem. They are very fun to watch when they dive as well. 2012 hatch.

    -Chiloe Wigeon Drake - Was supposed to be a hen, but turned out to be a male. I have to get rid of him since he is trying to pair up with a wood duck hen that already has a mate! But he loves to show off and make the whistling wigeon noises. 2012 hatch and full-winged.

    -Cinnamon Teal (2 pairs) - I have too many cinnamon teal! They are being to color up and are 2012 hatch and full-winged.

    -Mandarin Duck Drakes(2) - I ended up with two extra males. Possibly could be split to white. 2012 hatch, fully colored, and full-winged.

    -Red Golden Pheasant Male - He is 2011 hatch. I have asked people who have pure red goldens about him, and he seems to have some flaws that might suggest he isn't pure, but he is absolutely beautiful. I did recently buy a pair of pure red goldens, so I must part with him because I do not want him contaminating my pure ones that I have. He will eat right out of your hand and he is such a friendly pheasant.

    -Lady Amherst Pheasant Hen - She is 2011 hatch as well. I also asked breeders with pure L.A. about her purity, but she seems to have more traits of a red golden. Still she is a pretty bird. She will come right up to your hand regardless of if have a treat for her or not. She did successfully lay a few eggs and incubate them herself this past spring. I am selling her because I also bought a pure Lady Amherst pheasant pair and I would not want to contaminate those pure lines.

    *You would definetely be pleased with my pheasants for sale because I spend quite some time with them attempting to tame them down
    and make them as friendly as possible to humans.*

    The pictures posted are of my birds for sale. The pictures of the ducks may not be the exact duck you are getting, but they are there to represent the quality of the birds you are purchasing. Shipping is available for an extra fee.

    These are the price I would like for the birds, but if you buy four(4) or more birds, you will get a discount:
    -Red Crested Pochard: $35 each
    -Chiloe Wigeon Drake: $40
    -Cinnamon Teal: $50 per pair (I will have the paperwork for these birds)
    -Mandarin Drake: $40
    -Red Golden Pheasant Male: $50
    -Lady Amherst Hen: $50

    I will accept offers on them and trades. I am interested in the following: chiloe wigeon hen, baikal teal, and falcated teal. I you have any of those birds and are interested in a trade, just let me know and we can work something out.

    Thanks for looking.
    Merry Christmas to you all!
    Blue Creek Farm

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