orphaned wild duckling

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  1. dehave

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    Apr 27, 2008
    Someone on craigslist here found an orphaned wild duckling in the city. I refered her to a wildlife rescue or told her I would take it. She needs to know what she can feed it in the meantime without going to the feed store. (she's in the city) Is there any good substitute for wild game starter, that would be okay to get her through until she can place the duckling? I want to make sure I advise her correctly.
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    Mar 19, 2008
    It is against the law to take a wild animal out of it's natural habitat. I know it's hard to see a baby animal with no mother. The first instinct is to rescue it. She actually can be fined very heavily for this. To the government it's the same as if you were to take a fawn home. Tell her to call the Fish and Wildlife department and they will actually pick the animal up for her. They place them with someone who has a federal license to rehabilatate the animal to the point of being able to be realeased back into it's habitat. In the mean time, with it's mother the duck would have at grass and insects among other plants. If she is going to keep it past today I would go get some starter.
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    You have a "Good Samaritan" time frame to contact a rehabber and make arrnagements to hand off the duckling.
    If you leave them it he wild they will die.

    I get them in alot and I contact a rehab place near me as soon as I get it situated and take the duckling out to them on my next day off work.

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