Orphingtons vs. Buckeyes?

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    Are Buckeyes just as docile and tame as Orpingtons? I've done some research showing pros to both and I already have some Orpingtons that we just love but we considering getting some Buckeyes.

    The one concern I have with the Buckeyes is I have read that they can be considered mousers...I had some Isa Browns that would go after cats and even killed a couple kittens. They ended up re-homed because I just cant have kittens being killed. Maybe my Isa's were like that because they were older when I got them and they came from auction.

    I would love to help keep the heritage of the Buckeye going since I am a woman born and raised in Ohio and I am raising three girls all in 4H. The Buckeyes would be dual purpose at home and used in 4H.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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