Orpington Hatching Eggs


9 Years
Jun 22, 2010
Up for sale 12+ Orpington Hatching Eggs

These are big birds, I have my buff and lavendar Orpingtons in the sam pen so these eggs will be either, pure buff, pure lavendar or a mix of the two

Eggs will be shipped on Monday March 7th, I will collect and send the freshest eggs the 3 days leading up tot he 7th. If more than 12 are laid I will send what I have at the time.

Please let me know if there are any questions.



Hi Mandy, Boy that is a nice looking Lavendar Orpington rooster from our farm....Glad to see him grow up so well.... Your hen that is splash in the photo is one of our Blue/Black/Splash Orpingtons. There are no genes for Lavendar in that bird. Lavendar is a separate gene and although you may have birds that look a bit lavenderish (not a word, I know - LOL) it will not be a true lavendar and it will not breed true. The only way to get a true lavendar pullet/cockerel from the pen is to add purebred Lavendar Orp hens to the pen. The Lavendar Orp over that Splash will not yield any Lavendar ,,,,, but a more diluted color of light colored blue or what may even visually resemble a lavendar...but remember it will not be a pure lavendar and it won't breed true, so don't be fooled by similar colors.

Unless you also have a buff orpington rooster in the same pen, you will also not get any purebred buffs.

So in essence, although you might get some pretty fluffy babies but they will not be purebreds.....Just wanted to help clarify for you what you bought from us!

Hope you don't mind me sharing this here! Thanks and have a blessed day.
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Hi Nancy !!!!
No I don't mind you sharing this here. Yes the Lav Roo is the one Robert picked out on your farm and he is growing very large and beautiful but is very gentle and kind. We do in fact have a buff Rooster in this pen as well, I got him from Ann Wilson, I think you will know her from the meet up group (she may be on here as well but if she is I don't know who she is) both Roos are very sweet and get along suprisingly well for not having been together since hatching.
That hen you are refering to is the one I talked to you about before she is also from your farm and we love her dearly in fact she is probably a favorite, however, she has yet to lay an egg and by my calculations will be a year next month. She is the one that I said would have a home here forever even if she never lays an egg just because she is so sweet and the kids love her. Although I would love to find a way to jump start her egg laying machine. We do however have 2 lavendar hens in this same pen that I got end of summer from Shannon (ilove frizzles) at Red Roof Hens.
Thanks for asking about it, I got a PM from someone else asking me the same question so maybe this will clear it up for anyone else wondering. Robert just built me a new pen so soon we will have the Orps seperated by color but for now they are all together. Talk to you soon and hope all is well on the farm. Let me know when is good for you for us to come your way and get some eggs. I will send you a PM with what I am interested in. Love to you both, Mandy
Okay that's clearer now....I cannot imagine why the splash hen is not laying...........at one year old....Do we have a boy that refuses to crow??? LOL....Send me a side picture of him...Thanks Nancy
I will take some pics when I get home from work this evening, I am positive she is a she though she looks NOTHING like a roo and acts NOTHING like a roo, I just think God forgot to install her egg laying machine. Other than that she is a very normal happy chicken, we love her so she will always have a home with us she is Bonnies favorite.

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