Orpington laying like crazy!! The others not at all?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by king ding dong, Nov 5, 2014.

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    Oct 25, 2014
    I have 4 chickens that i got at one day old.Then on a hunch i found the first brown egg, then about one or 2 a day. But i have noticed it's always the buff orpington laying on them. The other 3 chicks are a rrr, barred rock and an ee. but no eggs from them so far and now coming in to fall they probably won't till spring. Is it common for the orpington to be ahead of the rest or is it just each individual lays when they are ready? The easter egger is huge and i figured she would be first and the orpington is a voracious eater, like she really want's to pop out an egg. so I'm just curious (and trying to be patient!) I'm not going to light the coop this winter, i don't want to stress them to make eggs when they need to be strong. But i have a feeling there will be alot of eggs next spring!
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    That is strange! In my experience, buff orps are always last to lay. But they are all different. That is great that your's is cranking them out! Make sure they all have fresh food and water and calcium.
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    If your eggs are brown, it could well be that your Orpington is sitting on one of her own eggs and one that belongs to someone else - like the RIR.

    My girls will steal eggs from surrounding nests when they go to lay their eggs, so I'll often find them on two or more eggs - the majority of which are not theirs!

    - Krista
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